Will the Jaguars’ spending spree pay off? Plus, ranking the top 5 pass-rush duos in the NFL after the free agency shakeup

The Jaguars might have done a lot to fix the problem by signing five-time Pro Bowl goaltender Brandon Scherff to join an offensive line that kept Cam Robinson on a franchise tag and has a player with starting potential (Walker Little ) in the bullpen. With more size, strength and skill at the line of scrimmage, the Jaguars have the potential to run the ball with James Robinson and Travis Etienne or toss the ball across the court with Lawrence throwing to his new targets on the perimeter.

Christian Kirk, Zay Jones and Evan Engram may have signed deals that have raised eyebrows around the league, but in Pederson’s offense they could thrive in their respective roles. I know that statement will elicit questioning looks from observers who consider me a homer, but I played with Pederson in Green Bay, and that offense was built around B-plus receivers playing in a system that accentuated their talents.

In Philadelphia, Pederson won a Super Bowl with Nelson Agholor, Alshon Jeffery, Torrey Smith and Zach Ertz positioned in key roles on the perimeter. Think about it. None of the aforementioned players were considered transcendent stars at this stage of their careers, but they were effective as a group. Their collective talents were good enough to rack up yards and produce points.

Kirk and Jones are polished road runners with versatile games that could make them interchangeable pieces on the perimeter. As veterans with experience in the game inside and out, Pederson could deploy either wide receiver as an “X” (split toe), “Z” (flanker) or “E” (slot receiver). With Marvin Jones also on the roster, the Jaguars have an experienced trio of wide receivers to slot into a system that creates easy completions for the quarterback.

Despite the attention given to Kirk and Jones due to their contracts, Engram could become the focal point of the passing game due to his ability to play as a “Jumbo” slot receiver. As a tight end with receiver-like athleticism and skills, the former Pro Bowl draft pick could become an offset option and a seam runner as he steps into the role that helped Ertz become a star. in Philadelphia.

Ultimately, we won’t hear much about the cost of free agent selection if the crew plays to their potential. In a bottom line business, production matters, and Jaguars free agent spending will be judged by the performance of their marquee players in big games. If the wins come and the Jaguars close the gap on the AFC competition, no one will worry about the cost of getting the job done.