Why I Keep My Money Out of High Yield Savings Accounts

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Interest rates rise, causing stock prices to fall. So should I be looking to put my money in a high yield savings account right now?

Currently, there is an instant access savings account with an interest rate of 2.75% and a five-year fixed account offering 5% interest. These are very good rates – much higher than anything on offer a year ago.

Despite this, I am not looking to invest my money in high yield savings accounts at this time. The reason is simple – I think there are better investment opportunities for me elsewhere.


I think I can get a better return on my money investing in UK companies through the stock market. Even considering the risk of owning stocks, this seems like a much more attractive opportunity to me.

For example, I could buy a stake in British American Tobacco, whose share price is currently £32.89. The company currently pays out £2.17 of its profits to its shareholders each year.

That’s an annual return of about 6.6%. Sure, the company’s profits could drop and it could reduce or stop paying its dividend, but the yield offered right now is significantly higher than the interest rate on a five-year savings account.

Alternatively, I could buy shares in Lloyd’s banking group. Last year, the company paid about 2.13 pence in dividends to its shareholders.

With the company’s shares priced at 42p right now, that’s a yield of 5.7%. Rising interest rates could lead to difficulties with mortgages in the UK, but I think Lloyds seems well placed to deal with this.

It seems to me that owning shares in UK companies will probably give me a better return than 5%. Stocks also have another advantage over savings accounts.

With stocks, there is room for growth. Companies could earn and distribute more money in the future, which means that I will get an even better return.

This is not possible with a fixed rate savings account. For five years, the annual return is guaranteed not to exceed 5%.

As a result, I’m not attracted to savings accounts at the moment, even with high yield available. I prefer to invest in companies and get a return on my share of the profits.

Emergency room

All of this comes with a very important caveat, however. I’m only looking to invest through the stock market for money that I don’t anticipate needing in the near future.

It is difficult to predict what might happen to stock prices over a short period of time. So buying stocks is only for money that I am willing to leave for an extended period of time.

For my emergency fund, I would be very happy to have an instant access savings account with an interest rate of 2.75%. The same goes for the money I plan to use to finance purchases over the next two years.

But for a five-year investment, I’d rather put my money to work buying stocks in companies. During this period, I think I will easily outperform a fixed savings account.

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