The Township of Falls hires a consulting firm to determine if the income tax earned on the budget will have a financial impact


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The partnership with the company would determine whether the taxi would be good or bad for the residents.

The Fall Township Board of Supervisors recently contracted with a consolation firm to determine whether an earned income tax will have a positive or negative effect on local residents. Staff writers from Fewer dollars times wrote about the recent deal.

The Board of Directors recently voted unanimously to hire ESI Consult Solutions, Inc. to undertake a study of the proposed tax. Completion of the study will help the council determine the financial impact of a 1% EIT on the township budget.

As one of the only municipalities in the county that has not adopted an ETI, the study will give the township insight into whether or not the eventual tax will have positive or negative implications for local residents.

The upcoming study will be the first step towards the canton’s decision on the tax. The first two phases of the consulting firm’s work will cost approximately $20,000.

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