The Cycle: Frontier Insurance Guide

The Cycle: Frontier has a pretty unique and useful insurance mechanic that players should definitely be aware of.

The massively online shooter puts you in a multi-genre PvEvP environment rife with risky missions. You will eventually perish, perhaps more than expected, and that’s where an insurance policy comes in.

The Cycle: Frontier allows you to insure your items for a payment that depends on the type of insurance you purchase. It’s a useful way to win even in death.

The following guide will show you how to get insured in The Cycle: Frontier.

How to get insurance in the cycle: Frontier

There are two types of insurance in the game:

  • standard insurance
  • Equipment Salvage Insurance

In standard insurance, you insure your items by paying a fraction of their cost with K-Marks. Consider it a sound investment because you’ll receive more than double what you paid for in premature death insurance.

For example, you can pay 500 K-Marks into standard insurance to receive 1250 K-Marks upon death. The amount will be transferred directly to your quarters.

In vehicle recovery insurance, you pay with insurance tokens or ethereum to insure your items. However, unlike standard insurance, an Equipment Salvage Insurance policy will return the item you insured to you upon your death instead of paying K-Marks.

Head to the launch terminal and activate the console to open the loading screen. The right half of the loading screen should show the standard gear and insurance recovery tabs.

Now just drag and drop items into the standard insurance tab to insure them for a K-Mark payout or the equipment salvage insurance tab to flag them for a salvage attempt when you perish in the game.

When an item is placed in the standard insurance tab, you will be able to see what you owe and the maximum payment you are willing to receive in the event of death.

Additionally, the amount of insurance you receive upon death is sent to the income generator in your personal dwelling. Take note that your income generator may hold up to 20x insurance at a time if you die. You will need to upgrade your quarters for this income generator though.

You can only get insurance for armor, backpacks, and weapons.

Insurance benefits in the cycle: border

There are several benefits to be gained from having an insurance policy in the game. It is quite important to understand that The Cycle: Frontier is designed to kill you as soon as possible. Even the best players will succumb during one of their missions, whether at the hands of AI-controlled enemies or other human players.

Having standard insurance ensures that you continue to accumulate K-Marks to use later. As for the purchase price of a standard insurance policy, you’re more than likely to get what you paid back as long as you manage to survive the next two missions.

As for having gear salvage insurance, that sounds good on paper, especially for late-game items, but there is a small caveat that players should be aware of. If an enemy loots your corpse and is still alive when you spawn, you will not receive your insured item. The enemy that looted your insured item must die with the spawn item for the gear salvage insurance policy to take effect.

Furthermore, if you throw away the insured object, you break the insurance clause. If you die and your teammate loots you, you break your insurance. If you get insurance for an item and then change it, you will need to insure it again or you will not get your insurance.

Gear recovery insurance therefore has certain shortcomings. It is recommended that you only choose equipment salvage insurance for items that are not easily accessible.

So to conclude, always have your items insured.