Stefon Diggs extension deal shows cap savings for Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills have signed Stefon Diggs to a four-year extension. That locks the All-Pro wide receiver into a deal with the team through the 2027 season.

Overall, Diggs’ next contract is worth $96 million. Of this amount, $47.9 million has been guaranteed as a signature under spotrac. The 29-year-old’s new contract costs an average of around $21 million a year.

As things go naturally with Buffalo general manager Brandon Beane, some of the old money was moved around to help the team’s salary cap while paying their player.

Expected to earn just south of $10 million over the next two years in salary, the Bills converted some of Diggs’ money into various bonuses. Nearly half of its guaranteed dollars, $21.5 million, comes from signing bonuses. Another piece is coming as a bonus next season.

Such maneuvers helped Beane and the Bills lower Diggs’ cap this year for Buffalo.

Diggs’ cap shots during his contract are (dead cap shots):

  • 2022: $11.7M ($56.7M)
  • 2023: $20.3M ($45.5M)
  • 2024: $26.5M ($25.7M)
  • 2025: $26M ($18.2M)
  • 2026: $27.1M ($10.7M)
  • 2027: $21.2M ($3.2M)

The difference between cap hit and dead cap hit is the total the team would save if the player was moved.

Overall, the bills open approximately $6.2 million in salary cap space for 2022 by lowering Diggs’ cap to $11.7 million.