Orbán declares no savings, again –

Besides properties in his hometown and in the upscale district of Budapest, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s asset declarations once again show that the Hungarian Prime Minister, in power since 2010, has no savings.

The prime minister still owns his home in his hometown of Felcsút and his property in the upscale 12 district of the capital, only half of which he owns, according to his latest asset declaration released on Wednesday. Telex reported.

The prime minister still doesn’t have a car, boat, plane or car, and he doesn’t own any business. Apart from his remuneration as Prime Minister and MP, he did not declare any other allowances or gifts in his declaration of assets this year.

Orbán’s latest wealth statement was released on January 31, 2022, which showed he was debt-free after paying off a €50,000 (HUF 20 million) mortgage he and his wife took out in 2002.

As of 2019, Orbán has declared no savings. Members must declare savings exceeding the amount equivalent to six months’ salary.

Orbán ended 2018 with approximately €3,500 (1.39 million HUF) and 2017 with €2,500 (993,000 HUF) in savings.

Hungarian civil society has repeatedly warned that the current system of asset declarations does not guarantee the transparency of the assets of public officials.

“Declarations of assets are not always public, and declarations of relatives are not public at all, while the verification of the content of asset declarations is a mere formality, and there is no dissuasive sanction for those who deliberately fill in false declarations”, according anti-corruption watchdog Hungarian Bureau of Transparency International.