One of the most important insurance policies to have

I know, that’s a silly question to ask someone in the transport game because it would most likely be a daily occurrence for you.

However, it’s not for that pencil-pushing old desk jockey, because the closest I’d usually come to a near-death experience would be after banging my head on the desk when bending over to pick up a pen on the ground!

However, one sunny morning over the New Years long weekend that just passed, I was sitting on the veranda having coffee and enjoying the morning sun.

Then out of the blue I felt this pressure in the center of my chest (no pain, just pressure) and then my eyes started flickering like an old black and white TV used to do when it was not tuned properly then the head started spinning like the Poltergeist girl, this all happened and lasted about 30 seconds.

I thought, ‘WOW, that was trippy’.

Of course, being the medical expert that I am NOT, I assigned it to pepperoni with cheese crust pizza the night before, so I continued to sit there sipping my coffee, then I remembered a friend of mine who went for a checkup- just because he had become more and more short of breath over the past two months, it turns out the cause of the shortness of breath was three narrowed arteries in his heart.

With the thoughts of my mate in mind, I thought ‘it’s done’ and at the risk of embarrassing myself with a little indigestion, I’m going to sneak into the hospital and get checked out.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, my wife caught me sneaking out the door with the car keys. After explaining why I was in the hospital and the next ear hitting my wife for trying to drive myself, we arrived at the hospital.

The diagnosis was a heart attack due to a blocked right main artery and a partially blocked left main artery. Luckily, two stents later, we’re still here to annoy you greatly and still alive to tell the tale.

As a result of a heart attack, I was not allowed to drive or work for two weeks, which isn’t a big deal for an office jockey, but for a heavy vehicle driver, a heart attack would result in a license suspension of up to three months.

That would mean no income for three months if you earn $2,000 a week, which would be $24,000 over the three months. I don’t know about you, but if I had no income for three months, I would really be homeless.

It is for this reason that income protection against personal accident and illness should be one of the most important types of insurance policies you can have, especially as an employee (employee). .

Of course, you should always be aware of your responsibilities under the terms and conditions of your policy either by reading them yourself or by asking your insurance broker to explain them to you. If you comply with the terms and conditions of your policy, have had no pre-existing injury or illness as defined in the policy and your injury or illness is not an exclusion under the policy, there should be no reason for an insurer to deny your Claim.

If we lose our ability to earn an income, we will struggle to feed the family let alone pay house and car repayments or even be able to pay for house or car insurance! It’s so simple.

Believe me, no one is invincible and a heart attack can happen to anyone at any time. Call us at TBI, we will discuss a personal accident and illness plan for you as an individual or arrange a group plan for each driver within your organization.

Important: All information in this article should be considered general advice only. This advice should be regarded as general in nature only and is intended only to urge readers to investigate their own individual insurances. It has been prepared without regard to individual goals, financial circumstances or readers’ needs. For this reason, before acting on the above advice, the client or any individual should consider their advisability (taking into account their goals, needs and financial situation) and seek additional independent advice of their own Financial Advisor.

About the Author:

Mark Brown is one of the industry’s leading insurance brokers with TBI Insurance Services based in Wagga Wagga.