Olam: Long-term savings are vital


Saving for the long term and life after any sports code is important, says Nasfund Brand Ambassador Justin Olam.

The Melbourne Storm Center was in the country on compassionate grounds, told The Post-Courier on Wednesday that long-term savings are important for young people who play sports and want consistent income through their sports careers.

Mr Olam, as a Nasfund brand ambassador, said that when athletes earn money through their codes, it is easier to spend unnecessarily, which is why they need help to be disciplined to save money in the long run when they retire from the game.

“In Rugby League I see, especially being part of the Digicel Cup, some players don’t have savings, long-term savings in a super to fall back on.

So I think that’s important and if PNGRFL can introduce a policy on that, it would be good for players to take the game to another level as well and give people safety to play and some kids will want to play the football but if there is no security like that, I think they will not play because they would like to work and earn money,” he said.

Mr Olam reiterated that it is important for all sporting codes in the country to introduce policies that will encourage athletes to save money in the long term for life after sport.

“I think it will be good, so when you are done playing you will have something to fall back on.

The Melbourne storm always helps in terms of funding and I think that’s one thing here in the country that needs to be taken into account, especially the Digicel Cup with player welfare and educating them on saving at long term and what to do with their money and not spend the money and look forward to the next match payout.