NYDIG announces bitcoin savings plan for corporate employees

Yesterday again, the New York Investment Group (NYDIG) – leading BTC company – announced the launch of a bitcoin savings plan to allow all employees of certain large companies to obtain Paid in Bitcoin. In other words, the opportunity is to receive your salary in cryptocurrency. Thus, thanks to this program, each user can decide to convert a part of himself salary in bitcoins. Certainly important news for the sector that could provide positive support for the listing of digital assets closely linked to the queen of cryptocurrencies. A good exchange to invest is certainly Coinbase, easy, safe and immediate, it complies with all European regulations currently in force.

Bitcoin payments? The first companies involved come from sports

Yes, the first companies to offer online payments bitcoins they come from sports. Then come those of entertainment and, obviously, those of digital currencies could not be missing. NYDIG said the former superstar owned companies in the NFL, Drew Bree, will use this savings plan, as well as several others with which it is directly associated. Of these, Everbowl and StretchZone were mentioned. Here’s what Brees said about that possibility:

For a long time bitcoin was quite intimidating to me. The more I delved into understanding money, long-term value, and the history of finance, the clearer the importance of bitcoin became. That’s why I use NYDIG, a trusted bitcoin leader, to allocate a portion of my salary to BTC every payday, and why I’m thrilled that the companies I work with are also making it an option for their employees. . Over its 13-year history, Bitcoin has been an inclusive vehicle for building wealth, and a Bitcoin Savings Plan is one of the easiest ways to start saving.

This is recent news that even the stars ofNBA Thompson and Iguodala decided to get paid in bitcoin.

New opportunities for employers

New opportunities are opening up for employers that they can exploit Bitcoin find and retain the best employees. The competition is fierce and offering a different alternative on how to get paid can be a great defense. In fact, NYDIG Chief Innovation Officer Patrick Sells confirmed:

We know how difficult it is for companies to attract top talent. This has never been truer than today. A NYDIG Bitcoin Savings Plan is an easy-to-adopt benefit that can help employers stand out from the crowd, while providing their employees with an essential tool to protect their financial future. We’re thrilled that Drew and so many other forward-thinking owners and businesses are helping their employees get paid in Bitcoin.

So good news on the front Bitcoin which could support a positive trend for cryptocurrencies related to its performance. So now could be a good time to invest in digital assets leveraging all the experience and strength of Coinbase.

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