New York Daily News: Dallas’ Bad Guaranteed Income Plan | Opinion

A bad idea by any other name is still a bad idea. Last week, the Dallas City Council launched a plan to give about $250 a month for a year to 325 low-income families — a million-dollar taxpayer-funded statement in support of the the city’s commitment to promoting racial equity and reducing poverty. The money comes from a pot of at least $20 million in sales tax revenue that city officials plan to spend on racial equity initiatives.

The pilot is reminiscent of similar experiences of guaranteed income to reduce poverty underway in at least 30 cities. The Los Angeles County program will send $1,000 a month to 1,000 residents for three years, and Chicago’s $31.5 million program, funded by Pandemic Relief Dollars, promises to distribute $500 per month in cash to 5,000 low-income households for one year.