MN gubernatorial candidate Shah offers ‘income tax holiday’

Dr. Neil Shah is one of seven Republican candidates for governor of Minnesota, but he stands out as the only political newcomer to the GOP race.

Shah juggles running his dermatology practice while criss-crossing the state for his campaign. He is also the only candidate to call for not only income tax cuts, but also the eventual elimination of state income tax. He says he would start with an “income tax holiday” for a year to eliminate Minnesota’s projected budget surplus.

“If we gave everyone a one-year income tax holiday in the state, I think they recognize what this state could become if we phased out our income tax, say, on a decade,” he said in a taped interview for “At Issue with Tom Hauser. “It’s a bold plan, but it’s one I’ve been advocating for for some time.”

When asked if he thought it could lead to large budget deficits, he replied that he thought no income tax would increase spending by Minnesotans and the collection of other taxes.

“Well, from what we know of states in the south that have cut their income tax or kept it low or never had income tax, they’ve seen rampant growth over the years and even beyond,” he said.

On the issue of public safety and crime, Shah joins all the other Republican candidates in calling for more police on the streets. He also says there must be tougher prosecutions.

“We also need to hold our justice system to account,” Shah says. “We cannot allow career criminals with multiple felony convictions to be released without cash bail to re-offend within the same week. So we need to look at mandatory minimum sentences and we need to hold our justice system and our prosecutors accountable. »

On the issue of COVID-19 vaccines, Shah says he supports their use and says they have saved many lives. However, he opposes mandates for COVID vaccines — and all other vaccines.

You can catch the full interview with Shah Sunday morning at 10 a.m. on “At Issue with Tom Hauser.”