Maharashtra: Soon Rs 50-lakh insurance for 50,000 home guards

THE 50,000 personnel attached to the Maharashtra Home Guards will soon have a safety net of Rs 50 lakh in the event of death and a cover of Rs 20 lakh in the event of serious injury. Insurance coverage has been extended for home care staff following a decision to open accounts for all staff with a leading private bank.

A department official said that since it was a voluntary force whose personnel left frequently. Previously, wages were deposited directly into employee accounts. Since all the accounts were not in the same bank, there was no chance of getting certain benefits from the banks, which they provide in case of pooled accounts.

Police force salary accounts across the state are opened in the same bank through which they are entitled to insurance coverage in the event of death and other incidents.

BK Upadhyay, Commanding General of the Home Guards, said he had received several requests from personnel across the state to provide them with insurance coverage in the event of an accident in the line of duty .

The matter was brought to the attention of the government and negotiations took place with a private bank. The bank agreed to provide insurance coverage as a special case if all accounts were opened with it, although some accounts could only operate as salary accounts for a specified period due to the high attrition rate due to the fact that the force was voluntary.

“Now even home guards have life insurance coverage of Rs 50 lakh, critical injury coverage of Rs 20 lakh and in case of hospitalization Rs 1,000 per day will be provided for two weeks. “said an officer.

Home Guard services are used by the railways to have staff in ladies’ cars at night. They are also called upon to assist the traffic police and the local police, especially during parties. Citizens can sign up as Home Guards and they receive a month-long training and are then ready to deploy.