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Families in Queensland will benefit from even better services and a lower cost of living thanks to the Palaszczuk Government’s $1 billion investment in kindergarten, with 14,000 children now able to enroll in completely free kindergarten in 2023.

Visiting Lady Gowrie Love Street Child Center in Fortitude Valley today, Education Minister Grace Grace said around 40,000 families in total would benefit from free or cheaper kindy, and that parents and tutors could now log online to see exactly how much they would save through the Kindy for All Scheme.

“There’s no two ways about it: the early years are absolutely critical to a child’s future,” Ms Grace said.

“We want Queensland’s kindy services to be both exceptional and accessible, and I don’t want a single family in our state to struggle to send their child to kindy.

“That’s why earlier this year I announced that we would make kindy free for 14,000 of our most vulnerable and disadvantaged children and cheaper for another 26,000.

“This means that of the 58,000 families with children in kindergarten, 70% of them will see a reduction in their fees.

“Following extensive consultation with over 2,000 Kindy services, I am pleased to announce that families can now go online to see exactly what savings they will get, depending on their circumstances.

“For example, a family earning $60,000 and holding an Australian government healthcare card will get a free kindy per session. This will save an average of $4,500 per year.

“If your child is in long-term care, you have a household income of up to $130,000, and you receive the Family Tax Benefit, you’ll save about $500 a year.

“This is significant, targeted financial support for low-to-middle income families that will help reduce the cost of living and give more children a healthy start in life.

“Kindy really matters, so I encourage families in Queensland to log on, see their savings and register their children with Kindy today.”

Advait, 3, will start at Love Street kindy in January 2023. Her father, Amol, said the Kindy for All program would make a huge difference to their family.

“We are so happy to receive a free kindy for Advait,” said Amol.

“It’s a relief for our family to know that we can give them the opportunity to learn, play and make friends at Kindy without worrying about the cost.”

Lady Gowrie Queensland CEO Louise Jackson said she was delighted to be offering new Kindy savings to her families.

“We know the early years are incredibly important and we want every child to experience the benefits of kindness,” Ms Jackson said.

“The new Kindy savings will go a long way to supporting families attending our Kindy services from next year.

“It helps to reduce costs and allows all children to participate in Kindy – a good start in life and their education.”

The funding overhaul for the kindergarten program – the most significant reform for the sector in more than a decade – also includes:

  • $38.5 million to help 300 remote and regional services attract and retain early childhood teachers by providing relocation costs and housing assistance
  • Double the number of services covered by Kindy Uplift to over 900
  • $19 million per year to improve support for families with children with disabilities or developmentally vulnerable

Notes: Children will receive reduced rates from January 2023, whether they attend a community kindergarten or a long-term daycare kindergarten. Kindy is a part-time educational program for children in the year preceding prep. Your child can start kindergarten the year they turn 4 before June 30, the year before they start school.

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