Kejriwal addresses Bodeli tribes in Gujarat today, pamphlets list ‘savings’ if AAP is elected to power

AAP National Organizer and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will address a tribal gathering at the APMC Bodeli market in Gujarat’s Chhota Udepur district on Sunday even as leaflets handed out by the party on site list the “savings” each household in the state will make. see if the party is elected to power in the next Assembly polls.

The roads leading to Bodeli are lined with billboards advertising the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and its election symbol, the broom. Interestingly, given the AAP’s potential alliance with the Bharatiya Tribal Party (BTP) in Gujarat, tribal leader and BTP leader Chhotu Vasava, the MP for Jhagadia in Bharuch, is featured on the billboards of the AAP, including on the Bodeli site, although they do not mention the BTP.

Pamphlets distributed by the AAP on the site contain a list of “savings” that each household will see for five years if the AAP is elected to power in Gujarat. In it, the party calculated the total savings per household at Rs 11.13 lakh over five years, which includes an annual saving of Rs 27,600 on subsidized electricity, Rs 72,000 on annual school fees of two children of a family, Rs 36,000 in health care benefits. , Rs 17,000 towards the free pilgrimage for the elderly as well as an income of Rs 36,000 for the young unemployed at the rate of Rs 3,000 per month and Rs 24,000 to be paid to two adult women from each household at the rate of Rs 1000 per month.

Interestingly, the brochure also states that every household in Gujarat will also save Rs. 10,000 spent on bribes every year due to a corruption-free AAP government that will not require families to bribe officials.

The six guarantees that the AAP has announced for tribals ahead of the elections relate to the areas of law, education, health, caste certification, housing and roads. The first of the six guarantees is the “strict application of the PESA law” as well as the formation of a Tribal Advisory Council (TAC) headed by a tribal leader.

Gujarat had notified the state’s PESA rules with the promise that the gram sabhas would have full power to decide matters related to their territories to safeguard their customs, traditions as well as natural resources in the tribal areas. The implementation of the PESA in areas notified under Schedule V of the Constitution has been a major issue raised by the BTP, which advocates comprehensive rights for tribal landowners. In fact, Vasava said full implementation of PESA was an “absolute requirement” for the alliance.

The AAP has also announced state-of-the-art residential schools for tribal children in each district of Gujarat which will teach tribal history, language, culture and traditions and also conduct research on these subjects. In addition, the party promised a tribal university in Gujarat. Other promises include “modern mohalla clinics, like in Delhi” as well as specialized hospitals and treatment for sickle cell disease, thalassemia and other illnesses specific to the Gujarat tribal region.

It has pledged to issue Tribal Caste Certificates to “true” Tribals who have been excluded from the list of notified Scheduled Tribes. Incidentally, the Tribal Development Department (TDD) of Gujarat issued a circular on August 4, ahead of Kejriwal’s visit, stating that the restless community of Koli-Rathwa and Rathwa-Koli will be considered as part of the scheduled Rathwa tribe in the district. of Chhota Udepur. State government officials told The Indian Express that the notification was not new but a reiteration of previous circulars.

In addition, the AAP has promised the construction of roads linking the villages in the remote areas of the tribal districts of Gujarat.