Italians turn to buying groups, the savings are surprising

Many Italians have said goodbye to expensive bills and managed to make solid savings.

costs Electricity and gas They are becoming truly terrible for Italians and families are being strained by the increase in energy raw materials. But consumer associations point this out to really bring Italians to their knees Either there is no minimum wage or a basic income guarantee for all.


In fact, expensive bills are left on the sidewalk Poor families themselves Thus, this leads many to question Basic income online on the specific site of the European Union. The demand for basic income is Easy Many of them already do.

You can save, that’s how group buying works

But there really is a way to cushion the terrible blow of the bills. This Very pleasant to the touch makeup This allows many Italian families but also many companies Save around 20% On the current terrible electricity and gas bills. In fact, with inflation and war The bills have practically doubled and therefore the Italians They combine to obtain the most advantageous rates. An example of this is mabove the energy, his case was reported by the newspaper Libero and is truly symbolic. It’s actually a few miles from the lawn Has been working under these conditions for 20 years already.

Specific case, but there are many

In fact, Multienergia connects many families and many companies do. All electricity and gas contracts To easily obtain discounts of up to 20%.

Multienergia is an Italian company that does exactly that: it connects many users in such a way that I Electricity and gas managers In order to be able to attract a large number of customers at once, they have to accept significantly reduced rates. In short, as they say Unity is strength And in the case of such bargaining power, it is in fact necessary because the increases were already at risk of ending up in poverty for many Italian families.

A difficult situation for many families

The problem that many economists point to is also how basic income It is really too weak a measure to be able to trap all the new poor who are emerging with this terrible crisis. As we remind you Bankitalia He even predicted two years of stagnation if the war continued.