“I spend all my earnings to offset my husband’s debt after playing Bet Naija”

A woman, Mrs. Mariam Olalekan, told the A-level Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State that she was no longer interested in marrying her husband, Ibrahim Olalekan.

Mariam alleged that her husband failed to meet her expectations at home.

According to her, she scrambled to make sure there was food at home while her husband was spending his income on the lottery.

The plaintiff said she repeatedly used her hard-earned money to pay off debts.

Mariam explained that the best way for Ibrahim to show his gratitude for everything she does is to beat her.

She said Ibrahim did not exert any coercion when she was pregnant, which nearly caused a miscarriage.

She therefore begged the court to end their relationship and grant her custody of their only child, but to make her responsible for her upkeep and total welfare.

Ibrahim was absent from court despite receiving subpoenas.

Mariam giving her testimony said: “My lord, I am no longer interested in my marriage to my husband which is why I am coming to court today. I pray that you separate us.

“My parents never supported our marriage, they opposed our relationship from the start.

“They gave up after my husband impregnated me. I moved into his house without any traditional rites being performed on my behalf to formalize my union with him.

“I never knew he didn’t want a wife but wanted a drum that he could beat at any time.

“Ibrahim beat me and almost killed me. Our neighbors knew day had dawned when they heard our noise. We are fighting day and night.

“My husband did not spare me even when I was pregnant. I nearly had a miscarriage during one of his beatings.

“My parents called him to order, but rather than change, he got worse.

“Ibrahim is a bad example for our children. I hustle and struggle to make ends meet, but all he does is waste his lottery earnings. His favorite is Bet Naija.

“I went to Lagos for work and came home with a reasonable sum, but I spent almost everything to clear my husband’s debt.

“Living with Ibrahim no longer appeals to me.

“I beg this honorable court to stop our marriage and grant me custody of our child, but make his upkeep my husband’s responsibility,” she pleaded.

The presiding judge, Ms. SM Akintayo adjourned the case for cross-examination and defence.

A new hearing was ordered and served on the defendant.