Hailey City Council to Draft New $500,000 Housing Spending Plan | New

Hailey City Council will begin deliberations tonight, Monday, September 26, on how best to spend the $500,000 recently set aside by the city in its budget for the development and acquisition of restricted deed housing.

The financial commitment was approved Sept. 12 as part of Hailey’s new $21.65 million 2022-23 budget. Its purpose is to help those whose price is out of the market, who are struggling to find available housing or who are struggling to pay their rent.

According to the City, a new housing action plan could include the following steps:

The Saddle Lofts project, approved by the P&Z in February, will offer 27 restricted-act units on the corner of Empty Saddle Trail and River Street south of Albertsons.

Sweetwater expansion, zoning change also on the agenda

Freshwater Map

Sweetwater Community’s original 116-unit “Block 2” expansion plan was approved by P&Z in December 2019 and has since grown to 137 units. Upcoming “Block 3” and “Block 5” builds are expected to add some 200 additional units to the north and south.