Federal spending plan includes funding for Syracuse projects

Syracuse Build Initiative to Train Syracuse Youth in Construction Trades

The recently signed federal spending plan includes $300,000 for construction training to benefit young people who are out of school or unemployed to work on the upcoming Interstate 81 overpass replacement project, by the office of U.S. Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NEW YORK). (PHOTO CREDIT: ZOEYADVERTISING.COM)

SYRACUSE — Construction trades training efforts and police body cameras are earmarked for federal funding in the recently signed fiscal year 2022 spending plan.

That’s according to U.S. Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D–NY) and U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D–NY), who announced the funding March 10.

President Joe Biden signed the measure into law on March 15 after the US Senate and US House of Representatives approved the spending bill days earlier. It funds the federal government for the current fiscal year, which began in October.

The Syracuse projects include $300,000 for the Syracuse Build initiative to train Syracuse youth for construction jobs with the Interstate 81 (I-81) overpass replacement project, lawmakers said.

The federal plan will also provide $1 million to help Syracuse’s Resurgent Neighborhoods Initiative build 50 new homes for qualified homeowners and 150 rental units.

Additionally, $3 million is set aside to help pay for the construction and renovation of the new Syracuse Catholic Charities Housing Services Center for homeless emergency housing and mental health services. .

In addition to construction-related projects, the City of Syracuse and the Syracuse Police Department will receive $140,000 to continue efforts to equip all uniformed officers and supervisors with body-worn cameras, lawmakers said.

Additional project details

Schumer and Gillibrand said the $300,000 they secured for I-81 construction skills training will help young people who aren’t enrolled in school or participating in the formal labor market get support. and the training they need to start a career in construction, especially working with the I-81 Redevelopment Project.

Last year, lawmakers brought Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to Syracuse to tour I-81 and push for the use of a local hire program to connect “disadvantaged workers, including young people.” disadvantaged” to the construction jobs created by I-81. project, Schumer’s office said.

Senators were finally able to include a permanent local hire program in the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act.

Syracuse’s Resurgent Neighborhoods Initiative will use the $1 million to support the city’s ongoing project to increase inventory of “quality, affordable” homes. Specifically, the funding will help pay for the construction of the last 19 of the 50 homes planned.

In addition to their joint demands, Schumer personally secured $3 million for the construction and renovation of the new Catholic Charities Housing Services Center, his office said. It will include an 80-bed emergency shelter for homeless men.

The new facility is expected to include six apartments for homeless men living on the streets or in a shelter. It will also offer on-site health and mental health services, case management, a job training program and establish a large office space for Catholic charities staff who are currently spread across Syracuse.

Along with construction-related projects, the proposal also offers $140,000 to equip the Syracuse Police Department’s remaining 14 uniformed sergeants with body-worn cameras, “promoting public safety and accountability.”

In recent years, the City of Syracuse and the Syracuse Police Department have worked to equip the majority of their uniformed police officers with body-worn cameras. This expansion will put body-worn cameras on all uniformed officers and supervisors, Schumer’s office said.