El Paso County Assessor Candidates Identify Top Office Needs and Spending Priorities | Now everything

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As current El Paso County Assessor Steve Schleiker campaigns in the race for county clerk and county clerk in the November election, Republican Mark Flutcher and Democrat Renee Reif are now vying for the job. which will change hands for the first time since 2014.

The job of the assessor is to appraise and appraise properties and determine the amount of property taxes a property owner must pay each year.

Marc Flucher

Phone number: 719-822-2565

Address: PO Box 62225, Colorado Springs, CO 80962

Education: Certified General in the Assessment License Program, 1994, University of Colorado Continuing Education Division; Associate of Science in Aviation Operations, 2005, Community College of the Air Force; Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Environmental Science, 2007, University of Colorado Colorado Springs

What is the first program you plan to put in place if you are elected?

The sheriff’s office has offered citizen academies over the years. I intend to set up a program that offers a similar scope. Emphasis will be placed on using assessor data for professionals in addition to educating landowners for a better understanding of how ad valorem taxation works and where the money goes.

In your opinion, what are the 3 main needs of this office?

An update of computer-aided mass assessment (CAMA) software, a transition to a modern version of a geographic information system (GIS), and a satellite service center. A CAMA system is central to the appraiser’s functions to discover, list, classify and appraise assets. While a great tool, the current system is heavily dependent on county resources for maintenance. An external vendor will maintain the new CAMA system, with developers supporting multiple counties in Colorado. The current GIS is no longer supported. The county mapping software upgrade is required for the ongoing maintenance of cadastral (parcel) maps as well as providing a spatial analysis platform. Finally, an additional location for in-person service in Falcon will serve residents of this ever-expanding area of ​​the county.

What do you think should be the top 3 spending priorities for this office?

The Board of County Commissioners determines the assessor’s budget. In this budget, my top three spending priorities are shipping, payroll, and software licensing, including the website. These three items are the most significant expenses necessary for the office to meet its legal obligations. Although these expenses are not glamorous, one must be pragmatic with the funds provided when exercising a constitutional mandate.

Portrait of Renée Reif

Renee Reif

Phone number: 719-382-9115

Address: 729 Rye Ridge Road, Fountain, CO 80817

Education: bgraduate of arts in sociology, 2006, Colorado State University-Pueblo; Masters in Public Administration, 2011, Keller Graduate School.

What is the first program you plan to put in place if you are elected?

I will make concerted efforts to work with lawmakers to ensure that the Property Tax Exemption for Seniors and Property Tax Exemption for Veterans with Disabilities programs are expanded and funded each year WITHOUT jeopardize other needs, such as police, fire, roads, etc. …I will work together to reverse policies that only benefit the wealthiest residents, as well as developers and businesses that MUST pay their fair share to support the communities in which they live and operate.

In your opinion, what are the 3 main needs of this office?

1. Defenders who will defend people, not just wealthy corporations and developers.

2. “Life Purpose” – an office that exists to serve the people.

3. We need to educate and inform the public not only about current policy, but also about the “how” and “when”. I have met constituents who have never heard of this exemption, and a few who have heard of it but are unaware of the mechanisms for accessing the Homestead exemption, the Address Privacy Program, etc.

What do you think should be the top 3 spending priorities for this office?

1. Advocate for the control of property tax debts of middle-income property owners and people on fixed incomes due to a disability or medical condition (and their caregivers).

2. Advocate for people of all ages and their caregivers, with a variety of disabilities and health conditions.

3. There is a proper place and amount of tax incentives to offer developers, businesses and corporations, but it should NOT come at the expense of individual and residential owners. … We must give back to individual owners the possibility of leaving their homes to their heirs, to their beneficiaries, to those who have nothing else to leave but their house.