Market gardening is the cultivation of vegetables for human consumption. Vegetable growing is a practice that began in many parts of the world over ten thousand years ago.

Apart from green vegetables, tomato, pepper, among others, are also classified as vegetables.

It is agriculture with the ability to generate income and profits all year round.

Initial capital/profitability

A market gardener along Iyana Iba, Lagos, Mr. Abdulahi Yisa, told me that it is not expensive to start growing vegetables.

“Once a beginner has the spirit and determination to farm, he can start from scratch with no money. For commercial vegetable gardening, a person will only need land, especially wet land,” he says.

He explains that having a pitch or being able to water the pitch regularly at least once a day, especially early in the morning before the heat of the sun, will be an added advantage.

However, he says, a person may need fertilizer to stimulate growth and may need to fumigate the farm for pests from time to time.

Reacting to the time it will take for crops to be harvested on the farm, Yisa said, crops can be ripened for harvest and sale between two months.

However, from my findings, if you invest a sum of 3 million naira, in nine months, you can earn up to 6 million naira. It will take you about three months to harvest ripe tomatoes, vegetables and more.


He says one of the main challenges is the inability to preserve crops. “These are perishable crops that cannot last five hours in the sun after harvest. Most of us are always afraid of harvesting a lot to avoid wastage once we get to the market. And once they reach harvest time, they may die on their own.

Tips for Excelling in Vegetable Gardening

Another farmer, Muhammad Aliko, said he grew vegetables full time.

“I use fertilizers to enrich the crop. You can buy prepared garden fertilizer or make your own from items such as; Epsom salt, eggshells, aquarium water and cooking compost.

He further advises: “If you want the freshest produce possible, consider planting your own garden – after all, you can’t get any closer to your kitchen table than your own backyard. Growing your own vegetables is also economical.

Likewise, Aliko points out that growing conditions and ripening cycles are different depending on the plant and the season. “So you shouldn’t sow all the seeds at once. Planting dates can be found on seed packets. Review the ideal conditions for each vegetable you want to plant before creating a gardening schedule.