Denzel Ward, Browns contract extension details: Big savings on 2022 cap

Earlier today, we didn’t have details of Denzel Ward’s new contract with the Cleveland Browns when we discussed what the contract could mean for the team’s salary cap. Ward’s long-term deal is likely to impact mid-level players like Greedy Williams and Troy Hill as well.

Now Ward’s contract details have come out and, surprisingly, general manager Andrew Berry has lowered his cap for 2022 while pushing the bigger cap back to 2026.

Prior to his contract extension, Ward was expected to be over $13 million off Cleveland’s cap in 2022. Under his new contract, he will cost just over $5 million for a savings of over $8 million. dollars in ceiling space.

In total, this offseason, Berry has actually created more ceiling space with the movements he made. More will be added when Austin Hooper’s contract is terminated on June 1 and whatever savings the team makes from leaving Baker Mayfield.

Ward’s contract details are quite interesting as shared by Pro Football Talk. Jack Duffin shares them here in more simplistic terms:

Impressively, while Ward will be well compensated, the new deal doesn’t put him at the top of the cornerback market when it comes to money coming in until the end of the contract:

With the salary cap set to increase, the team and the player could review this deal mid-term. Turning 25 on the night of the 2022 NFL Draft, Ward could cash in again despite his new contract pushing him into his thirties.

Overall, a lot for the Browns and Ward as contract details are discussed.