Danville receives additional funding for low-income relief due to COVID

Danville Community Development Manager Logan Cronk said a public hearing will be scheduled, possibly within the next 30 days, on how the city should spend $150,000 in additional relief funds to help residents. low-income households or people affected by COVID. This is separate from the city’s already voted ARPA funds. Cronk says only 22 municipalities nationwide have received this extra money. And one thing that helps is not being known as a community that receives this kind of federal funding, but doesn’t use it. Cronk says Danville will definitely use it.

AUDIO: So this will be the third round of, we call them “CV Dollars” to respond to the Corona virus. And the $150,000 will basically be used for the response; maybe it’s economic development, maybe it’s rent, we don’t know yet. But we will use the $150,000 to support low income individuals or families. This will be an application process.

Danville would be required to have the money allocated by next September.