Central Texas Parents Spend Hundreds of Dollars on School Supplies Due to Inflation

WACO, Texas (KWTX) — Back-to-school shopping has gotten tougher for Cosheanna Roberson and her family this year.

“School supplies plus school clothes and shoes, my sister spent about $1,500 on everything for 3 kids,” Roberson said.

According to the AP, parents like Roberson should expect to pay 15% more for a basket of school supplies, compared to last year.

“I mean, what are low-income people supposed to do with rising school supply prices?” Robson said.

Some items in particular are seeing their prices increase compared to last year. According to CNN Business, the price of Scotch Tape has increased by 70%. Meanwhile, the price of Elmer’s Glue rose 30% and the price of Sharpies rose 55%.

Waco ISD, mom of three, Dsiriee Rodriguez, said she had to buy items she had never seen on supply lists before, like dry-erase markers. Roberson buys paper plates for his list.

“We just moved here to Waco, so we come here with nothing,” Rodriguez said. “It’s hard.”

Community events help struggling mothers like Rodriguez. On Friday, the Salvation Army handed out free supplies at their school supply giveaway event.

“I mean, I really thought ‘oh man, we’re going to have a lot of leftover backpacks,'” Major James Taylor of the Salvation Army said. “There is a great need this year.”

The need was definitely there at this year’s event. About an hour later, the organizers had already distributed 75% of the 270 backpacks.

“I didn’t know how I was going to get the material they needed, so that really helped me a lot,” Rodriguez said.

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