Additional housing for seniors and low-income people in Danville

DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ) – The Danville Redevelopment Housing Authority is partnering with Landmark Assets to build Seeland Valley apartments for seniors.

It comes after winning a tax credit from Virginia Housing to help with development.

“I think the housing market is tough in Danville for everyone, but especially seniors on fixed incomes,” said Larissa Deedrich, executive director of the Danville Redevelopment Housing Authority.

The 52-unit apartment complex will be built next to the Housing Authority’s headquarters and rent will be based on income.

“We have a lot of market-priced apartments in Danville,” Deedrich added. “However, older people cannot necessarily afford it because they have a fixed income. So instead of competing for what they pay for prescriptions, do they buy food, do they pay rent, their rent is based solely on their income. So, it helps them better budget what they pay.

The units will be energy efficient and fully accessible.

“We have a lot of seniors on our Section 8 program, and they’re having trouble finding handicap-accessible units,” Deedrich said. “All of these units in Seeland Valley will be either handicap accessible or adjustable.”

They say the apartments should be finished in early 2024.

The Danville Redevelopment Housing Authority is also partnering with Landmark Assets to transform what was once Blairs Middle School into Southside Lofts.

“We have more people on the streets looking for homes,” Deedrich explained. “They just can’t find landlords who are renting to Section 8 tenants right now and mainly because there’s such demand. There is a huge demand for rental housing in Danville.

The 55-unit family apartment is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

The Danville Redevelopment Housing Authority is also looking for Section 8 landlords.

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